Ross Gay


Read Selected Poems

"Ode to the Flute," New York Times, April 2016

"A Small Needful Fact," Split This Rock, April 2016

"Sharing with the Ants" in The Rumpus, March 2015

"Weeping," in Gulf Coast, Fall 2014

“Opening,” in Oversound, Fall 2014

“Ending the Estrangement,” in Taos Journal of International Poetry and Art, Summer 2014

“Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude,” in Waxwing, Summer 2014

“C’mon!” and “Last Will and Testament,” in Kinfolks: A Journal of Black Expression, Summer 2014

“Burial,” and “Patience” in Solstice, Winter 2013/14

“Letters from Two Gardens,” in Orion, Jan/Feb 2014

“Wedding Poem,” “When After Some Time, Finally, Your Kids are at Their Dad’s,” “Sharing with the Ants,” in Timber, Fall 2013

“Feet,” in Gabby, Fall 2013

“To My Best Friend’s Big Sister,” on the Academy of American Poets’ Poem-A-Day, September 2013

“Ode to the Fig Tree on 9th and Christian” and “To the Puritan in Me,” in American Poetry Review, May/June 2013

“Ode to the Mistake” in Forklift, Ohio, Spring 2013

“Becoming a Horse,” in The Sun, July 2012

“Ode to Sleeping in My Clothes,” in Massachusetts Review, Spring 2012

“Grace” and “Ode to the Flute,” in Nashville Review, Spring 2011

“Ode to Buttoning My Shirt” and “Ode to Your Naked Feet,” in Bombay Gin, Fall 2010

“Love, You Got Me Good,” in Gulf Coast, Spring 2009

Read Selected Essays

“Some Thoughts on Mercy,” The Sun, July 2013

“In the Poem,” on, Jun 2011

Listen to Poems

"Two Bikers Embrace on Broad Street," The American Poetry Review

"Say It," from The Poet's Weave

“A poem in which I try to express my glee at the music my friend has given to me,” The Poet's Weave

Visiting Writers Series audio, Reed College

Dozens of poems and discussions, including a full reading at Bowdin College in 2007, are available on Ross' archive page at From the Fishouse.